Fort Worth, TX



Basil Jackson

Birthdate: November 24, 1994


Height: 6‘0

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 9.59.57 AM.png

10" hands

Shoe Size: 12

Number: 2

Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 11.43.08

Vertical Jump






40 Yd Dash


Weight: 225 lbs.


Arlington, TX

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Team: Calgary Stampeders

About Basil Jackson

Basil Jackson is an Arlington, TX native, fresh out of Tarleton State University, where he earned notoriety as a “tackling machine” at the collegiate level. While he was invited for tryouts with the Dallas Cowboys, Seattle Seahawks, and entertained interest from the Canadian Football League, Jackson ultimately signed a contract to play for the Braunschweig New Yorker Lions in the German Football League where he won a German Bowl in 2019. After a successful year overseas, Basil signed with the Calgary Stampeders in the Canadian Football League in March of 2020.


Basil brings a lot to the table, not just with his on-field ability and his athletic career, but in his personal charitable projects that are community-centered. When he is not on the field, Basil enjoys listening to, reading, and writing about all things Jesus. Serving as a mentor, spending time with family, and continuing work on his upcoming book.

  • I LOVE breakfast foods! Cereal, donuts, etc. I could eat breakfast for dinner every night of the week. 

  • I can't go more than 7 days without french fries.

  • I have not seen very many Disney movies.

  • The Power Rangers movie is my favorite of all time- I still watch it!

  • My favorite childhood memory is when my mom took me to meet the Power Rangers.

  • I love to read & write!

  • The most beautiful place I've been to is Venice, Italy. The pizza there was the best I've ever had. 

  • I have won 4 Championships and plenty of other football accolades, but I'm most proud of the time I won the Hula Hoop competition for boys PE!

  • My dream job would be to travel to speak on social issues or to be President of the United States.

  • When I'm at home, I make my bed every day. If I don't have time to make it in the morning, I make it before I go to bed.

  • My ideal day is to have enough time to read an entire book.

  • The way to my heart is banana pudding and German Chocolate cake!

  • I'm a professional procrastinator.

  • I have a Masters Degree in Business Administration

  • My biggest fear is not reaching my fullest potential.

  • I have a passion for mentoring At-Risk Youth.

  • I love watching tennis on tv.