Now That's Love

“Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.” 1Corinthians13:6

It doesn't delight in evil...

Those of y'all that know me, know I talk about dieting all of the time. It's more than just the physical, God calls for us to be holy and set apart. That goes for everything else we consume as well! You also may or may not know I listen to Christian Rap, Gospel, Classical, and Contemporary on the regular BUT


For the longest, I’ve been struggling with it and just recently became aware of my latest slump. (Disclaimer: not all gospel rap is good just like not all secular hip hop is bad)

For me personally, I know when I've been listening to it too much because my behavior changes. I find myself cursing more, thinking about things I shouldn't be thinking about, and focusing on my circumstances and what these rich rappers have that I don't. My Godfidence becomes more of an arrogance. When I read this verse it became clear to me.


(Which is not okay.)

Some of us (Basil) regularly invite satanic influences in our lives by what we listen to, what we watch, what we say, and what we look at.

Every day we wake up, it's like we're saying: " Hey Satan, come and influence my heart and my mind.” We get so lost in the world that we don't realize what we're dancing to or what we're bobbing our heads to. We don't realize that the show that we can't miss once a week is satanic In nature. We don’t realize that “ I just like the beat” is drawing our hearts away from the God we claim to love.

We often times forget these are the things that cost Christ his life. They’re evil. They’re wicked. They’re influencing our hearts and training us to look for all the wrong things so that we remain desperate, discontent and distressed. They impact the way that we think, our personal lives, and our relationships with others, amongst many other things.

None of us want to be depressed, but so many of us pursue depression by what we feed our minds and hearts, what we listen to, what we watch, what we look at, and what we say. I can't confidently say I’m the best at practicing what I preach. In the seasons of my life where I desperately needed God to act on my behalf, I've gone a year without absolutely any hip hop or secular music before. However, in the seasons where everything is gucci, and there is koolaid flowing from my water fountain and my bills are paid. I cannot let my music play on shuffle when my mother or grandmother are riding in the car with me.

This current season of life? I have fallen back into it worse than before. This “diet” is a daily battle- one I’m not sure will never end. And as strange as this may sound, I’m completely okay with that. This struggle is one that I have to lay at his feet every day, and am constantly met with so much grace and mercy every time.

Through the midst of these different seasons of my life, I have heard The Holy Spirit whisper, “don’t major on the minors.” Which has been a constant reminder of the loving God we serve. One who desires a genuine relationship. One who looks at my heart, and not just how well I’m keeping the rules. One whose love is patient, kind, not easily angered, and keeps no record of wrongs.

And for that,

I am grateful.

Grateful that His love for us never fails even when our love is self-seeking, fickle, and we choose entertainment over obedience.

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